About Us

dimensional hemp wood

Our Story

Like minded people have come together with a shared mission to use hemp as a sustainable building resource. Beyond education, we demonstrate the uses of hemp in building and are working towards certification of hemp building materials.

What We Do

Industry Networking

Take part in regional and national conversations on the developing hemp building industry. Become a leader. Find your destiny.

Advancing Policy

In the Certifications committee, the focus is on leading the way in acceptance into codes and determining how to calculate the carbon footprint of hemp building products.

Educating the Public

Education is key to the progress of our industry. The Education committee is working hard to provide reliable information that can be disseminated far and wide. 

Creating an Inclusive Industry

Creating an inclusive environment and trying to make diversity a priority are key goals of the USHBA. The Diversity & Inclusion committee was setup to help guid the organization as it grows.

Our Mission 

The purpose of the USHBA is to support and advocate for hemp building professionals, projects and materials in the United States. To facilitate thorough education the establishment, stabilization, and growth of a thriving American hemp building Industry.

USHBA Board of Directors

Rachel Berry

Director of Regional Leaders

Rachel Berry is the founder and CEO of the Illinois Hemp Growers Association, a women-led grassroots organization dedicated to building the resources and relationships necessary to grow a sustainable and equitable Illinois hemp industry.

She is a first-generation regenerative farmer raising poultry, growing heirloom vegetables, native medicinal plants, and industrial hemp with her family on their 13 acre homestead.

As a community organizer and dedicated volunteer she works to educate farmers, business owners, law makers, and families about the potential of hemp as a community crop. She is also experienced in hemp-lime construction.

Email: Regional.Leaders@ushba.org

Ryan Doherty

Director of Supply Chain

Ryan Doherty has helped lead the supply chain initiatives at the USHBA since their inception. His group has created Building and Supply Chain maps and working to create hemp hurd standards.

Ryan leads Hemp Ventures sales and marketing activities in addition to developing new hemp based products and processes for material production. Experienced in supply chain operations, production planning, inventory management, new product development, logistics, and integrated business process management. Ryan excels at working with customers to understand new applications for Hemp Ventures materials in existing product lines. He has an unyielding drive in his pursuit of a viable, sustainable and profitable hemp fiber supply chain in North America that benefits the farmers and the planet.

Email: Supply.Chain@ushba.org

Heather Fazio

Director of Communications

Heather has a background in cannabis policy and professional advocacy. Through that work, she has organized and empowered volunteers, executed projects, hosted many training events and conferences, managed social media accounts, engaged news media, and created educational content (digital and print). She has extensive communications experience with a focus on member mobilization. She has also written press releases and done hundreds of media interviews as a spokesperson.

Email: Communications@ushba.org

Henry Gage Jr.

Director of Certifications

Henry is the first African-American in the US to retrofit an existing 2 story home with Hempcrete. He managed every aspect of the project from financing and supply chain to agreements with the building department. With Buildgreennow.net they are focused on creating community empowerment models with an economic basis. He has a lot of connections in New Jersey through his work as a senior project manager for Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement. He developed a strong network in Kingston because this is where we built a Hemp House. In 2019 Henry started the Hemp Processing Research Committee for upstate New York and continues to work on a plan to build a supply chain and bring hemp processing to the community.

Email: Certifications@ushba.org

Marilynn Hill

Director of Fundraising

Executive Director Non-Profit and Economic Development Organizations: Strategically lead the organization in fulfilling the mission and vision as established by the Moffat County Tourism Association and the Board of County Commissioners. Developed and implemented goals, objectives, policies, programs and priorities by providing operational direction to board, staff and partners. Pursued grants through grant writing, development of corporate fundraising using Sage Fundraising software. Partnered with governmental, public organizations, and private enterprises. Adopted Federal, State and local government operating methods to ensure financial stability and accountability in all areas of the organization. Fortune 100 Sales Director: Lead team of 20 sales representatives driving superior marketplace execution and customer service. Cultivate relationships and manage multiple priorities to make a positive business impact with both large and small format customers. Responsible for $3.6 million in sales across 108 stores with an 8% year-over-year growth in Colorado and Wyoming markets. Fortune 1000 National Sales Director: Co-led development and launch of digital signage sales within the media division of organization. Developed new business resulting in the company’s six largest accounts spread over five verticals with a revenue stream of $4 million over two-year timeframe, locking out competitors through C-Level consultative listening and differentiation methods. Directly responsible for the implementation of three affiliate partner agreements with gross revenue of $2.25 million with year-over-year projected growth at 12%, respectively. Fortune 100 Program Director: Led the development and launch of new diverse product line while reducing $17 million budget to $7.3 million through the elimination of unnecessary application development and creating fast-track implementation process. Spearheaded product launch plan from development through to execution, disseminating market share results, and overall customer satisfaction.

Email: Fundraising@ushba.org

Sergiy Kovalenkov

Director of Education

Known the world over as Dr. Hemphouse, Sergiy Kovalenkov, Civil Engineer, has worked on numerous hemp insulation projects across the globe in countries like: Ukraine, Switzerland, France, Russia, Poland, Australia,USA and Poland. In 2015, he founded Hempire UA in Ukraine, which has developed Hempire Mix, a 100% natural binder, that when mixed with hemp and water creates one of the lightest, carbon negative hempcrete insulation materials on the planet. Hempire has received  high recognition and numerous awards for innovative technology and developing creative, challenging projects building with Hemp. In 2018, Sergiy has founded Hempire USA in California. The company will focus on bringing a new hemp processing technology and other natural, innovative materials to US market and rest of the world.

Email: Education@ushba.org

Alona Thompson

Director of Marketing

Alona began working for USHBA starting May 2021 stating as the executive assistant. Slowly her role changed to project management with some day-to-day operation responsibilities. She holds a BA in Economic Marketing and currently enrolled in MBA program at Norwich university.

Email: EventsAndMarketing@ushba.org