About Us

dimensional hemp wood

Our Story

Like minded people have come together with a shared mission to use hemp as a sustainable building resource. Beyond education, we demonstrate the uses of hemp in building and are working towards certification of hemp building materials.

What We Do

Industry Networking

Take part in regional and national conversations on the developing hemp building industry. Become a leader. Find your destiny.

Advancing Policy

In the Certifications committee, the focus is on leading the way in acceptance into codes and determining how to calculate the carbon footprint of hemp building products.

Educating the Public

Education is key to the progress of our industry. The Education committee is working hard to provide reliable information that can be disseminated far and wide. 

Creating an Inclusive Industry

Creating an inclusive environment and trying to make diversity a priority are key goals of the USHBA. The Diversity & Inclusion committee was setup to help guid the organization as it grows.

Our Mission 

The purpose of the USHBA is to support and advocate for hemp building professionals, projects and materials in the United States. To facilitate thorough education the establishment, stabilization, and growth of a thriving American hemp building Industry.

USHBA Board of Directors

Founder of Hemp Build Network/Triple P Fund

I am active in building with hemp, and I am passionate about the benefits of healthy homes, and a healthy planet through the use of this quality construction material. Because of my active role in building with hemp and educating about my experiences, I have found myself in a leadership position in many circumstances representing the industry.

As an industry leader, I am passionate about sharing and collaborating with others in such a way as to move the industry forward. As a society we don’t share that better health with each other and the planet without the widespread adoption of hemp as a building material. For these reasons I have chosen to lead. I am excited to serve as president of USHBA

Email: Ray@ushba.org

President of Hemp Ventures

Ryan Doherty has helped lead the supply chain initiatives at the USHBA since their inception. His group has created Building and Supply Chain maps and working to create hemp hurd standards.

Ryan leads Hemp Ventures sales and marketing activities in addition to developing new hemp based products and processes for material production. Experienced in supply chain operations, production planning, inventory management, new product development, logistics, and integrated business process management. Ryan excels at working with customers to understand new applications for Hemp Ventures materials in existing product lines. He has an unyielding drive in his pursuit of a viable, sustainable and profitable hemp fiber supply chain in North America that benefits the farmers and the planet.

Email: vp@ushba.org

The USHBA has meant so much in my journey to learn about and report accurately on the US hemp building industry. I am so impressed by this tiny-but-mighty organization and how much quality work has been done, particularly achieving certification in the International Residential Code. This amazing feat was achieved via hundreds of volunteer hours.

But our membership is MUCH too small. Volunteers cannot be exploited and burned out to do the important work needed by this organization. We need to build our membership to have the budget to give value to members.

We are the active face of hemp building for the multi-billion dollar US construction industry. We offer the solutions the building industry seeks — we just need to come to their attention.

Email: Secretary@ushba.org

I’m a diversified accounting professional with a strong background in development, leadership and analytic skills. I’m the founder of The Hemp Accountant- Remote accounting practice prioritizing clients in the Marijuana/CBD/Industrial Hemp Space

Email: Treasurer@ushba.org

– Matthew owns and operates the New Jersey Based hemp brand, Herbal Vybzz, LLC.

– Matthew owns the New Jersey based cannabis brand, Herbal Vybz, LLC pending a cultivation license in the state.

– Herbal Vybzz, LLC currently produces raw unfinished hemp materials and finished products including hemp flower, sublingual tinctures, biomass and is currently working on a hempcrete formula to tap into the construction and industrial hemp industry in New Jersey. New Jersey is proof of concept for expansion to cannabis and the industrial hemp operations below.

– Matthew is the Regional Leader for Region 9 in the United States Hemp Building Association. He is aiming to become a Regional Director in this association. With over 200 members and over 100 acres of industrial hemp planted each year, he is responsible for introducing, educating on and implementing hempcrete into code and communities in the following region 9 states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.

– Matthew is the CEO of The Hemp Farmers Association of Guyana. With over 50 members and access to over 1000 acres, We are working directly with the government of Guyana to steer the hemp industry in the most successful direction. – Matthew is also a telecommunications consultant who spends his spare time on programs for the women and children in developing countries. With some of the proceeds of his profit making endeavors, he is able to fund programs that are devoted to providing hope and advancement. He is also a trustee for a charitable remainder uni trust that will fund overseas health related projects.

Matthew has a passion for technology, herbs and traveling the globe!

Email: Regionalleaders@ushba.org

I am the Director of Operations for US Heritage Group, where I oversee the manufacturing, supply chain and product development, as well as manage our educational and training programs. I have a BS in Civil Engineering with a MS in Engineering Management. I have over 10 years of experience working with hempcrete construction and have been involved in all stages of the hemp building process, including material manufacturing and supply chain, design, permitting, installation, and finishing. I have run training workshops for contractors, architects, and homeowners. I regularly participate in industry events, panels, and expos.

The recent changes in the permitting of projects and availability of materials mean hempcrete is more accessible than ever. However, most individuals getting into the industry have incorrect or incomplete information on the way hempcrete works. The USHBA is the organization to guide newcomers to the industry and help existing members maintain the most current standards and best practices to develop hempcrete to its greatest potential.

Email: Education@ushba.org

I’m an Architect, with a deep interest in bringing hempcrete further forward.

Email: Certifications@ushba.org