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This Silent Auction was designed to build awareness of a war in Ukraine that started on February 24, 2022, and raise money to benefit, specifically, children who lost their limbs during the war in Ukraine.
This charity would like to have an open dialog with those who are interested in the current situation and want to be a part of helping force


Charity Foundation “This is my city” was created by my dear friend Maryna Iakub with a group of her friends who could not run from the war because they saw a giant need for trusted volunteers.
I have personally known Maryna since 2010. What I always remembered about her is her smile and bright, kind eyes. She always managed to work super hard, stay honest and make people feel happy around her.
In 2022, destiny brought us back together when we both couldn’t handle watching Ukrainian people being killed, losing all they have, running for their lives, and leaving behind happy lives, jobs, apartments, and projected futures.
Marina and her friends started by spending their money and purchasing items for military and medical teams; later, they started ordering sleeping bags and camouflage nets for troops.
It did not take too long for them to get noticed by celebrities who wanted to help them. Now, this team has an official registered charity foundation that communicates in Ukrainian language and English. Marina receives thank you messages from soldiers who were saved because of the items her team purchased for them (like tourniquets, etc.)
USHBA’s team understands that being physically distanced from Ukraine makes it hard to determine who deserves to be helped first. This particular auction is focused on Ukrainian kids who lost their limbs in the war. We are hoping to start with a $1000 donation to the “This is my city” Foundation, where this money will be allocated to a particular child.
We aren’t stopping here! We will work hard and raise money to help as many kids as we can, walk, run and play again.
This is why we connected with a few kind artists who donated their art to us so that we could have this silent auction. With this unique art, we want to give you back something meaningful and important.
Our hope is your art will remind you that this life is about being human, being loved, and loving each other.
“We are people only when we love…-Бумбокс – Люди
To learn more about the charity foundation please visit their official website:
-Interesting fact: Tse Moe Misto in Ukrainian means: This Is My City 🙂

*If you are interested in helping spread the word and becoming an ambassador, contact Alona Thompson at We always are looking for people who have volunteering work in their hearts.