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Codes & Certifications

Codes & Certifications committee is focused on getting hempcrete established in codes, designating standards with the American Society for Testing & Materials(ASTM) and seeking submission of hempcrete to the International Code Council(ICC). This group is also working on creating methodology  for evaluating carbon footprint calculations in the PCR workgroup.

Fundraising for Codes

The US Hemp Building Foundation (USHBF) is fundraising to cover the costs related to the creation and submission of the necessary information to get hempcrete accepted by the ICC. This costs include testing to validate test methods and consulting fees necessary to navigate the submittal process.

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Education Committee

Education is crucial for the expansion of the hemp building industry and the USHBA sees great importance in distributing accurate information to strengthen understanding. Workgroups in this committee are focused on creating a research database, creating educational slide decks and webinars, and establishing relationships with research institutions.

Supply Chain Committee

The supply chain committee discusses the current supply chain options in the market and what can be done to help develop it further. Current projects include developing a map of structures with hemp building materials around the country and another map is being developed to display the supply chain partners around the country.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The USHBA has made it a focal point of our development to try to be aware of patterns of bias and to try to act intentionally to create a diverse and inclusive organization. The diversity and inclusion committee discusses how we can help guide the USHBA as it grows to keep extending our family to include groups that have been historically overlooked. These efforts include a scholarship for communities of color to try to diversify our membership, educational presentations on biases to spread understanding of the issues, and the input from this committee was a guiding force in the creation of the USHBF’s Work Force Development Program. Together we are stronger.