US Hemp Building Association is a membership organization dedicated to support and advocate for hemp building professionals, projects, and materials in the United States.

We are organized by a 7-member Volunteer Board of Directors who serve for 2-year terms. Board members serve on USHBA and our sister 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, the US Hemp Building Foundation.

Because USHBA’s board reverted to a traditional non-profit board structure in September, without a member vote, all seven board positions are up for reelection this year.

Remember, only Members can vote, so if your membership has lapsed, please renew before our Member-only meeting on Nov. 29, 2022.

See Membership Plans HERE


  • NOV. 17 Election Announcement to Members and CALL FOR CANDIDATES
  • NOV. 29 Candidate Applications Due w/2 minute videos 
  • NOV. 29 Members-Only Q4 Meeting
  • DEC. 2, Candidates Posted on Website and sent to membership via newsletter
  • DEC. 2 Ballots via Google doc sent to membership
  • DEC. 9 Voting Ends
  • DEC 13 Election Results Reported via newsletter and website

Got an idea for an event or workshop? Do you have expertise you can share with the membership? Love hemp building? IF SO, we need YOU to run as a candidate for USHBA’s Board of Directors!

Open Positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Board Member at Large
  • Board Member at Large
  • Board Member at Large


  • What are Members at Large? At-large members bring their regional skills and passions to the board as directors. All directors have the same voting authority. All directors serve for the same term – 2 years. At-large positions increase the influence that regional leadership has on the direction of the USHBA. 
  • What special skills do I need? All Board of Directors members donate their time and expertise to one or more committees, depending on preferences and talent. 
  • Do I get Paid? No. Board members serve as volunteers.
  • What are the requirements? All members of the Board of Directors must be USHBA Members and be up-to-date with membership dues. Learn more about Board roles HERE.
  • What is the time commitment? The time commitment is one meeting per month and two hours per week. 
  • What are the volunteer committees a board member can work on? Committees are: Codes & Certifications, Education, Supply Chain, Diversity & Inclusion and Materials 
  • Who is the Executive Director now and what does that person do? The board will hire an Executive Director for both organizations (currently vacant after the retirement of Jacob Waddell) to organize special events and membership drives and take care of the day-to-day routines of the organization. Learn more about the Executive Director HERE.
  • What are Regional Leaders? USHBA supports 10 Regional Leaders who hold events and network with regional colleagues to build a thriving American hemp building Industry.

It’s easy to run for the Board of Directors!

Fill out this GOOGLE FORM and upload a two-minute video. Deadline is the Nov. 29 Q4 all-member meeting.

Thanks so much for being a valued member (and if you are not one, there are many reasons to join TODAY)!  We truly are Building Our Future, Together!