This week the ICC Committee Action Hearing will consider the appendix for Hemp-lime (Hempcrete) construction. We have been working towards this goal for years and very intensively since last October. Hundreds of man hours have gone into the work. The writing team of Kiko Thébaud, Mary Dempsey, Cameron McIntosh, Gary Fox, Matt Marino, and myself guided by the incredible consulting and engineering team of Martin Hammer, David Eisenberg, and Anthony Dente carefully crafted this document over 4 months. Gathering input from experts around the world, including 4 civil or structural engineers, 4 architects, 15 hemp-lime builders, 6 industry representatives, an academic researcher, an energy expert, and 2 code experts.

This has been an intense process and we are approaching a major event. The ICC Committee will hear statements both for and against the appendix during the committee action hearing taking place March 27-April 6, 2022 in Rochester, New York. We expect that we will present on April 1st or 2nd. The team speaking for the appendix are(in planned presentation order):

  • Martin Hammer – one of the lead code consultants on the proposal with over 18 years of code development expertise
  • Bob Escher AIA – the founding President of the USHBA and President of Escher Design
  • Alex Escher – Director of Hemp Fiber Application at Escher Design
  • Anthony Dente – the lead engineer on the proposal from Verdant Structural Engineers
  • Tom Rossmassler – President and CEO of Energia and Chief Embodied Officer of HempStone
  • Tim Callahan – Design Engineer and former General Contractor responsible for the Nauhaus and 9 other hemp-lime structures
  • Anthony Néron – representing DuChanvre with 300 hemp-lime construction projects in Canada
  • Jacob Waddell – the USHBA Executive Director and material scientist and engineer
  • Kiko Thébaud – a primary author and proponent for the proposal from Kiko Thébaud Architecture
  • Sally Warren – a Board-Certified Naturopath, educator, and hemp builder representing
  • Henry Gage Jr. – the USHBA Certifications Director, Electrical Engineer, and Senior Project Manager for the first Hemp House in Kingston, NY also representing

We have been preparing for this event for weeks, working to get our testimony for the proposal ready. We are very excited about this historic opportunity to make a giant stride for hemp-lime construction in the US. Once the arguments for and against are heard by the committee they will either approve, approve with modifications, or disapprove the submission. You can watch the hearings live at

This effort was only possible with the generous donations provided to the US Hemp Building Foundation. Thank you to everyone who supported the effort including large donations from Environmental Living Industries, MPactful Ventures, and Grassroots Development LLC. The support from the industry shows how important this is. You can donate to the USHBF here.

Please join with us as we urge the committee to accept this proposal. We are Building Our Future, Together.

Jacob Waddell

USHBA Executive Director