Architectural Considerations for Designing with Hemp – Panel

September 9th, 10:35am PT

Dion Markgraaff Discussion Panel – Codes and Fundraising

September 9th, 12:00pm PT

Bob Escher, AIA
Escher Design is a Vermont based architectural firm developing innovative applications for the construction sector using industrial hemp.
A full-service architectural firm, Escher Design was founded in 1988 in Dorset, Vermont. Bob Escher, AIA envisioned a company whose primary objective was to deliver the unique vision of each client without compromising artistic excellence, innovation and attention to detail. That commitment served him well and his practice flourished.
Bob hails from an impressive family of builders and engineers whose projects include New York’s original Yankee Stadium and Switzerland’s Gotthard Tunnel. A practicing architect for over thirty years, his firm features a national portfolio of completed projects in numerous states including New York, Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Vermont.
A few years ago, his son, Alex, introduced him to industrial hemp. Sustainable and eco-friendly, the ancient plant’s versatility is legendary in the building industry. From hempcrete walls that regulate indoor air quality to toxic-free paints, carpets, textiles and upholstery, hemp is well poised to revolutionize the building industry. With an eye toward the future, Alex joined the firm and the duo embarked on a mission to create the aesthetic of hempcrete by developing and producing a proprietary hemp wall system.
In 2017 Escher Design completed the WNDER Workshop, the first permitted hempcrete structure in Denver Colorado.
In 2019 Alex founded Hemp Hollow Consulting.
In 2019, Bob was elected the first president of the United States Hemp Building Association.
Ready to challenge old standards and eager to inspire novel solutions, Escher Design finds itself at the forefront of innovation in 2020. With hemp based projects scheduled for construction in Vermont, New York State, Michigan and Denver, they will have ample opportunity to elevate architecture to a new level, in the US and abroad.