Sustainable Building Practices

September 9th, 10:45am PT

Dionne Dowdy

Dionne Dowdy is the co-founder and Executive Director of the United Returning Citizens (URC) Re-entry movement and has been a part of URC since its inception. URC mission is to assist formerly incarcerated individuals thrive in society. Dionne’s work has lead to additional businesses and programs such as Good Homes Construction, a program that uses ex-offenders to restore vacant property for the reentry community to occupy; United Returning Citizens Lawncare, which is a sub-business that introduces re-entry stakeholders to entrepreneurship; URC Staffing Specialists, an initiative supporting returning citizens into return to the workforce; AYE Consultants & Cultural Advisors for Businesses and Personal Development designed to assist with viable, successful business strategies while developing personal development skills needed to maintain reputable employment and URC Grows, which is an education and training program focused on equity in the cannabis industry.

Ms. Dowdy currently serves as President of the Community Legal Aid Board, Wean Emerging Leader alum, member of Rockwood Leadership Institute, League of Women Voters Greater Youngstown, Wean Foundation Neighborhood Success Resident Council, Board Chair of Homework Heroes, and a partner of HUD Initiative Envision Center.

Outside of her professional life, Ms Dowdy is a proud mother of three, furthermore, a stunning grand-lady of seven. She loves to travel, cook, as well as dance and they used to call her “D-Nice,” in her prior rapping career.