Permitting Strategies

September 9th, 9:30am PT



Ladi March-Goldwire, an advocate for small business and entrepreneurial initiatives began her career in Construction Project Management in 2000. She licensed as a general contractor in 2006. Having launched several businesses over the past two decades, Ladi has garnered a wholehearted understanding for the ups and downs of starting and sustaining a small business. 

In 2009, Ladi became a self-certification vendor for the Small Business Administration. She began educating and assisting women with obtaining Women Owned Small Business and Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business designations in an effort to increase visibility and contract awards granted to them. Additionally, Ms. March-Goldwire was hands on in championing those inclusionary practices most beneficial to North Florida’s JSEB (Jacksonville Small and Emerging Businesses) and disadvantaged business owners. Licensing and certification of Small, Minority, Women, and Disadvantaged businesses is her strong suit. 

Ladi has recently begun to refine her project management and quality assurance focus to areas of construction dedicated to sustainable and inclement weather ready construction projects. Recent and robust involvement in increased opportunities for women and minorities in cannabis influenced industries prompted March-Goldwire to explore hemp product manufacturing and distribution. 

Ms. March-Goldwire pursued studies at Florida Atlantic University before shifting her focus to vocational education. Shifting has gifted Ladi with an uber appreciation for trade and vocational education and positioned her for conversation surrounding its resurgence.  Ladi is a graduate of the Florida Atlantic University Leadership Academy as well as Florida Atlantic University’s Kathleen Bush Women in Executive Leadership Program. She was sought out and asked to assist in the assembly of the US Hemp Building Association and is currently seated as a founding member on its Board of Directors. Ladi 

is licensed with the State of Florida as a Building Official and is currently certified with the International Code Council (ICC) as a building code administrator; recognized in all 50 states and its US territories. She is a member of the Building Official’s Association of Florida. 

Ladi March-Goldwire, is native to Palm Beach County and is a self-proclaimed social inequity watchdog. Ms. March-Goldwire remains vigilant in her pursuit of those partnership opportunities which offer favorable positioning of diverse persons and businesses within our tricounty area.