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Title Categories Address Description
Adam Alfonso
BuildersSalem, OR, USA

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone Number: 509-954-2000

Location of Business: Salem, Oregon and the PNW

Team Size and Composition: Individual

Builder Experience and Capability Level: Residential superintendent, multiplex, Zero energy ready

Training Experience and Capability: Train unskilled volunteers as part of my job, sustainable homes professional certificate through earth advantage.


Collier Concepts
SupplierWhitefish, MT 59937, USA

Contact Name: Kim Collier

Contact Email Address:

Type of Business or Profession: Spa, Wellness, Hospitality Professionals

Location of Business: PO Box 4874, Whitefish, Montana 59937


Team Size and Composition: Company size 5+, established in Montana 2001, family business

Builder Experience and Capability Level: Since 2018, representing/educating for cannabinoid wellness brands as well as advocating for independent lab testing for hemp products. In 2022, seeking to represent hemp derived products into the built environment and consumer experiences/lifestyle brands.

What types of products do you sell: Equipment, Spa & wellness planning/design, seeking built material products into spas & hospitality

Education in Profession: Licensed & insured consultancy & education company, working internationally. Additional websites for more information : BluSpasInc, CollierConcepts & JAMUspa


Deep Blue Construction Inc.
BuildersMaui, Hawaii, USA

Contact Name: Joseph Smith

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone Number: 808-283-2930

Type of Business or Profession: Builder

Location of Business: Maui, Hawaii

Builder Experience and Capability Level: 1 year

Education in Profession: Building homes and commercial buildings for 17 years

Lime and Binder SuppliersKansas, USA

Contact Name: Todd File

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone Number: 304-881-1213

Location of Business: North America

Type of Business or Profession: Lime and Binder Supplier


Team/Company Size and Description: Graymont is the second largest lime manufacturer in North America.

Experience with Hemp: I have been involved in the hempcrete application for over 10 years.

Education in your profession: BA in Business Administration

USHBA Membership Status: Corporate Influencer


ManufacturerSalt Lake City, UT, USA

Contact Name: Jonnie Pedersen

Contact Email Address:

Type of Business or Profession: Manufacturer

Location of Business: 323 Lewis St. Salt Lake City, Utah 84112


Team Size and Composition: We have 4 people on our team and it is growing!

Builder Experience and Capability Level: Hempitecture provides sustainable materials for building projects. Our flagship product, HempWool insulation, is a fiber-batt healthy and high performing insulation material. We also have access to hemp hurd/bast and have a special lime blend for hempcrete projects “Limestrong Build”

What types of products do you sell: Hemp Hurd, HempWool insulation

Education in Profession: Our founder and CEO, Mattie Mead, has built over 20 hempcrete projects throughout the US. Although we’ve stepped away from the building aspect, we focus on providing the public with high quality materials.

Consultant13438 Onion Creek Dr, Manchaca, TX 78652, USA

Contact Name: Paul Carbone

Contact Email Address:

Type of Business or Profession: Consultant

Location of Business: 13438 Onion Creek Dr. Manchaca, Texas 78652


Team Size and Composition: 5 members

Builder Experience and Capability Level: Over 20 Years following and research. We developed a Hempcrete spray system and The Htruss, which is a easy way to building double wall with grid used to fill in with hempcrete. I speak French and have connections to the French hemp organizations, schools for building, farming, processing, innovative processing, harvesting and retting machinery, as well as all materials used in Hempcrete construction. Insured to 2M

What types of products do you sell: Hemp Hurd, Lime Binder, Equipment, HempcreteJet

Education in Profession: Extensive experience in remodeling and building natural, brick/masonry, CEB, Straw, stick build, hempcrete. Wide knowledge of binders and techniques as well as geopolymer mortar.

HempStone, LLC
BuildersNorthampton, MA, USA

Contact Name: Jennifer Martin, Catalyst

Contact Email Address:        

Contact Phone Number: 660-342-3627

Location of Business: Northampton, MA


Team Size and Composition: We are a natural building company who collaborates vigorously with other building professionals to turn the dial on embodied carbon.

Tom Rossmassler and Jennifer Martin are full partners at HempStone. We have a compliment of 4 part-time communications and construction staff, and partner with an architectural designer and a construction company to provide full design/build services.

HempStone offers consulting, construction, supply, training, and materials research services in support of hempcrete in the built environment.

Builder Experience and Capability Level: Tom has 30 years experience working in the residental, commercial, and institutional building sectors. Prior to forming HempStone, Tom lead Energia, a building energy efficiency company, to become a 20 person worker owned cooperative. Tom has served as a building inspector, real estate developer, and hobbyist carpenter. Tom dove into hempcrete in 2018 and has been involved in both the IHBA and the USHBA. Tom’s first intro to was through Joy Beckerman and Hemp Tech Global.

Jennifer has over 20 years experience as a sustainable design/builder using natural building materials. Prior to joining HempStone, Jennifer helped design community-scale infrastructure at Dancing Rabbit Ecolvillage and walked the walk regarding sustainable living. Jennifer dove into hempcrete in 2019 and has been immersing herself in the hempcrete world ever since.

HempStone is a licensed contracting company with certifications in high performance green building and energy efficiency standards.

Training Experience and Capability: Tom hosted his first hempcrete training in Feb 2019, bringing Hemp Tech Global to lead. Jennifer and Tom co-led a 2 day training in July 2019 – Tom focusing on hempcrete and Jennifer on lime plaster (Jennifer’s favorite building material).

Jennifer and Tom have resumed 2 day hempcrete and lime plaster trainings this summer.

Tom and Jennifer speak regularly on the subject of hempcrete to the public and present several times a year to building professionals at regional conferences.

Jennifer and Tom are both accustomed to managing inexperienced teams of workers on novel building methods.

Jennifer has 3 years of experiencing teaching natural building to enthusiastic students.

Tom leads group meetings and retreats for Energia and a triple bottom lines group through NESEA – Northeast Sustainable Energy Association.

Supplier301 Rockwood Rd, Murray, KY 42071, USA

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone Number: 888-338-1235

Location of Business: 301 Rockwood Road, Murray Kentucky, 42071


Bio/Info: HempWood® makes hardwood products, including lumber, flooring, DIY kits, and woodturning blanks from fiber hemp stalks and a soy-based adhesive.

Highland Hemp House
BuildersWashington County, TX, USA

Contact Name: Zach Cihal, MD

Contact Email Address:            

Contact Phone Number: 361-571-6028

Location of Business: Washington, Texas

Team Size and Composition: individual

Builder Experience and Capability Level: Hempitecture Contractor Training Program certificate; participated in hempbuilding workshop at the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems in Austin; currently working as hemplime construction intern at Highland Hemp House. Have experience volunteering on home construction jobsites with Habitat for Humanity.

Homeland Hempcrete
BuildersBismarck, ND, USA

Contact Name: Matt Marino

Contact Email Address: 

Contact Phone Number: 701-426-3796

Location of Business: Bismarck, ND


Team Size and Composition: Primarily just myself as a consultant, and can help hire additional labor/resources as needed.

Builder Experience and Capability Level: I have been building with hempcrete since 2018. I have built 3 standalone structures as well as helped on the first recording studio in the US. I have also retrofitted a garage with hempcrete and I have done many small wall/acoustic panels for various applications.

Training Experience and Capability: I have led two training workshops in regards to training and I have a registered educational course at the local college

Lazarus Naturals
Builders, Farmer, Processor, SupplierPowell Butte, OR 97753, USA

Contact Name: Chris Sullivan

Contact Email Address:

Type of Business or Profession: Processor, farmer, builder, distributor, consultant, and materials

Location of Business: 5205 SW Parrish Ln. Powell Butte, OR 97753


Team Size and Composition: 26 on the farm, 160 company wide

What types of products do you sell: In summer of 22′ we will have hurd sized to spec., tow fiber, and possibly lime binder from Graymont

Education in Profession: Business Administration

Living Craft, LLC
Builders, ConsultantDenver, CO, USA

Contact Name: Frank Wetenkamp

Contact Email Address: 

Contact Phone Number: 720-965-9024

Location of Business: Denver, Colorado
Serving the front range.


Team Size and Composition: General Contractor with 6 team members and many contributing subcontractors.

Builder Experience and Capability Level: Class B General Contractor with over 20 years experience. New builds, deep energy retrofits, and remodels. We have worked with conventional systems, straw, cob, adobe, cellulose, wool, and hempcrete, among others. We specialize in natural plaster systems. Passive Haus Certified Tradesperson. Certified Natural Builder from Yestermorrow. NARI Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler. Current President of the Colorado Green Building Guild. On the board of the Natural Building Alliance.

Training Experience and Capability: We have co-led several Hempcrete workshops with Tiny Hemp Houses. We teach natural plaster with Yestermorrow Design Build school and Community Rebuilds. We have led several natural building workshops with the Natural Building Alliance and Common Earth including natural plasters, earthen ovens, framing, light straw clay, strawbale, and hempcrete.

Midwest Natural Fiber
ProcessorSikeston, MO 63801, USA

Contact Name: Patrick Van Meter

Contact Email Address:

Type of Business or Profession: Processor

Location of Business: 409 W. North Street, Sikeston, MO 63801


Team Size and Composition: Midwest Natural Fiber is a Missouri based hemp fiber company with a processing/cleaning line operational in Southeast Missouri.

What types of products do you sell: Hemp Hurd, Hemp Fiber

Education in Profession: Our founders have extensive experience running material processing facilities, large scale farming, and commercial construction operations.

Perennial Building, LLC
BuildersBend, OR, USA

Contact Name: Karen Rugg

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone Number: 843-997-2310

Location of Business: Bend, Oregon


Team Size and Composition: Leadership team is comprised of two people. Subcontractors are hired as required.

Builder Experience and Capability Level: Perennial Building has a combined 30 years experience in construction management and building in both the commercial and residential sectors. We are a full service residential general contractor. See a complete project list at

Training Experience and Capability: Perennial Building is capable of providing hemplime training and has plans to do so in the future.

Romero Stucco
BuildersDodge City, KS 67801, USA

Contact Name: Angel Romero Jr

Contact Email Address:          

Contact Phone Number: 620-255-6732

Location of Business: Dodge City KS

Team Size and Composition: Team of 4

Builder Experience and Capability Level: HempCrete Workshop and Contractors training from Hempitecture

Training Experience: Stucco work for 10yrs – High school education – Bi-lingual Spanish/ English – Hempitecture training course

ArchitectAustin, TX, USA

Contact Name: Gayle Borst

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone Number: 512-350-0001

Location of Business: Austin, TX


Experience: Our specialty for years has been the design of natural buildings, including cob, straw bale, compressed earth blocks, light clay-straw, rammed earth, and hempcrete. While new to hempcrete, we have one project going into construction phase within a month or two. It will likely also include hemp batt insulation. We plan to do more hempcrete projects soon.

Educational Experience: Assuming this refers to hemp-related experience…No official workshops, but I have attended one of Henry Valles’ presentations, visited a local hempcrete project, and done a lot of reading on the subject.

Tryna LLC
BuildersUpson, WI 54565, USA

Contact Name: Mitchell Hanson

Contact Email Address:   

Contact Phone Number: 920-850-3816

Location of Business: Upson, Wi

Team Size and Composition: Individual

Builder Experience and Capability Level: Builder experience limited to basic laborer. I’m a designer by trade, but have spent my time out of college in the hemp industry, at both the processing side and growing side of hemp.

I have been trained by Hempitecture & John Patterson of Tiny Hemp Houses. Along educational events such as being involved in the USHBA, Hemp Building Summit, and Hemp Eco Systems.

Western Fiber
Consultant, Manufacturer, Processor, Supplier1601 E Broadway St, Hollis, OK 73550, USA

Contact Name: Mike McGuire

Contact Email Address:

Type of Business or Profession: Processor, Engineer, Manufacturer, Distributor, Consultant, Materials

Location of Business: 1601 E Broadway Hollis, OK 73550


Team Size and Composition: Supplying coast to coast out of Oklahoma and Riverdale, California

What types of products do you sell: Hemp Hurd, Equipment, Training

Education in Profession: 50 years in natural construction, and raw material/waste manufacturing


Valla Construction, Inc.
Architect, Builders1232 N Hackberry St, San Antonio, TX 78202, USA

Contact Name: Michael Rivas

Contact Email Address:                        

Type of Business or Profession: Design/Build

Location of Business: 1232 N. Hackberry
San Antonio, TX 70202


Team Size and Composition: 14 employees

Builder Experience and Capability Level: We are a design/build contractor in business for over 18 years. we have vast experience in federal, state, county, city, municipality and private work. We have architectural as well as construction degrees. We do renovations, additions, ground up, etc.

Training Experience and Capability: We have over 150 years combined construction experience throughout the company. Licensed architect, interior designer, and the owner has a degree in architecture.


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