As we continue to evolve this organization, it is with great pleasure and joy that we call for Elections to fill specified positions on the Board of Directors, while simultaneously asking for nominations for an award that will be presented henceforth at the Members-Only Event on the last Sunday in January, 2022!

The US Hemp Building Association presents the Dion Markgraaff, Hemp is Hope ™ Award:

The Dion Markgraaff, Hemp is Hope ™ Award is an annual honor given to an individual who exemplifies excellence and distinction within the advancement of the hemp building industry while advocating for environmental, health, economic, and social equity for people and the planet. This award represents prestige, purpose and legacy contributed by catalysts, advocates, and activists nationally. The late Dion Markgraaff was a leader and pioneer who broke barriers and persevered with rigor and passion to champion for global solutions through stewardship of the cannabis plant; the Hemp is Hope ™ Award is a dedication thereof. Dion’s vision carries on through the hearts and minds of the many individuals and organizations he has influenced through his unapologetic activism, and this award intends to facilitate that same relentless yet steadfast movement.

Granted annually to an individual who exemplifies passion, courage, and vision through their actions and participation to further advance the hemp industry, it is the hope that the US Hemp Building Association and its allies can continue to encourage for the adoption and applications of the multitude of benefits and innovations this plant has to offer.

This award is not a popularity contest, as we are not always going to be liked by all- but with a focus of giving people their flowers while we can, we are welcoming nominations of those who many times sacrifice for the greater good. Please check out this link to learn how to nominate those who you feel fit the above mentioned characteristics. It is open to the public as we would love to get all leaders joined into our organization to continue the movement of Building Our Future, Together!