Jennifer Martin has been part of the USHBA for longer than I have. Our paths first crossed in Idaho in 2019, like so many people in the hemp building industry. Since I became involved in the USHBA with the regional leaders group in the spring of 2020, Jennifer was a strong and encouraging voice. She later, with Carolyn Reeves and Lorna Lyons, was part of the first established work group in the USHBA, the Slide Deck group. In the fall of 2021 Jennifer came down and led training at the first USHBF workforce development training in Alabama. Jennifer and her partner at HempStone, Tom Rossmassler, both reviewed and were co-proponents on the IRC submission with Tom participating in the IRC Hearing in support of the document. She has also been recently tapped for input on the upcoming USHBF Best Practices. Jennifer has been involved in lots of the key teams that have been critical for the success of the USHBA.

Jennifer and Tom are making great progress in the Northeast building with hemp. Hempstone was involved in many great builds last year, including a number where they collaborated with other USHBA members like Americhanvre and Co-Exist Build. They worked on Cape Cod Hemp House and structures working on combining hemp-lime technologies incorporating blocks and spray applied materials. They care about people and try to work on projects that are both profitable for the company and profitable for the soul. I have been extremely impressed with Hempstone’s development and Jennifer has been the key to this. Her building prowess and knowledge is impressive and she also has the gift of expressing this information clearly and spreading knowledge.

Jennifer Martin is articulate, knowledgeable, strong, and a catalyst for change and growth. She has been influential on many of my opinions and the actions the USHBA has taken. Her constant involvement and belief in the potential good of the USHBA has inspired me to carry on and I think should be an inspiration to everyone. Thank you for your council and friendship.

Congratulations on being USHBA Member of the Month for April 2022!!!

Jacob Waddell