USHBA Member of the Month: February – Christopher “Sully” Sullivan

For our first USHBA Member of the Month highlight, we would like to show our appreciation to Christopher “Sully” Sullivan. The World Ag Expo is a big stage for us to highlight hemp. In order to try to show what hemp-lime is to the WAE, the USHBA team led by Region 2 leader Wayne Richman was looking for help to create a hemp-lime wall segment. Sully stepped up. Sully worked with the team at Lazarus Naturals and acquired donated supplies from USHBA corporate members Perennial Building and Graymont to create a hemp-lime wall with a lime plaster, including a section displaying the hemp-lime. He then transported the wall from Bend, OR to Tulare, CA.

The wall segment was a big hit with the crowd and helped demonstrate what a hemp-lime wall really would look like. The wall will now be used for a fire demo in which we will get video to show the fire resistance of a completed hemp-lime wall. This will then be used by the USHBA and USHBF to make the argument for further research and wider consideration of hemp-lime as a useful option to deal with fire.

Members like Sully make this organization powerful and effective. Working together we will make real impact and every individual can help make a difference. By taking the initiative and working closely with his fellow members, Sully showed what can be done. Thank you Sully and we all look forward to working with you in the future.

Jacob Waddell