USHBA Member of the Month: March – Mary Dempsey from MPactful Ventures

This month my mind is on the IRC submission. It is crazy to think how much work happened in a short period of time to create that document. The team came together right when it needed to and everyone played their own important role. The writing group which started with Kiko Thebaud and myself, Jacob Waddell, and we were later joined by Cameron McIntosh, Matt Marino, and Gary Fox who generated the drawings for the document. There were the consultants, or gurus as Kiko would say, Martin Hammer and David Eisenberg who helped translate the raw information we had into code language and instruct us on the dos and don’ts of the process. The engineers, Anthony Dente with the help of Wilzen Bassig, who walked through the data and determined what we could safely defend. And then there was Mary Dempsey. Mary kept us organized, always seemed to see the obvious thing the group was missing, and was willing to do whatever work needed to be done.

Mary was the first person who volunteered to help with the IRC process and was a constant supported of the cause. Mary and I spent dozens of hours planning and working between the over hundred hours of meetings we had with the different teams. She kept focus and a positive attitude in the most difficult times. It was a pleasure working with her and I am glad to call her a friend.

Mary started her life as an archeologist but has turned into a business management machine. Without Mary, we would not have been able to complete the IRC submission. I am excited to see what MPactful Ventures can do in the future. With Mary working for them, I know they can accomplish great things.

Thank you Mary and I am proud to name you as the USHBA Member of the Month.