USHBF Hemp Build 2021


Building Track – Day 1
Building Track – Day 2



Social Justice Track

Materials Innovation

Building Track – Day 1

Intro to Hempcrete – Sergiy Kovalenkov

Processing Hemp and the Developing Supply Chain – Corbett Hefner

Project Management Steps for Hemp Building Projects – Jennifer Martin

Challenges of Building with Hemp – Steve Allin, Jennifer Martin, Corbett Hefner, and Alex Sparrow

Building Track – Day 2

Hemp Batt Insulation – Tommy Gibbons

Spray Cast Hempcrete – Cameron McIntosh

HempWood – Greg Wilson

Future of Hemp Building- Market Discussion – Henry Valles, Ryan Doherty, and Tom Rossmassler

Health/Environmental Track

Dangers of Unhealthy Homes – Joel Holton and Bryan Wilson

Hemp + Emergency Shelter Response – Amy Farah Weiss (St. Francis Homelessness Challenge) & Arnie Valdez

Sustainable Building Criteria – Chris Magwood (Endeavour Center)

Carbon Foot Print Assessment – Katie Poss

Architecture/Engineering Track

Permitting Strategies – Ladi March-Goldwire

How To Build the Hemp Building Industry: Lessons Learned for Where We are Now! – Steve Allin

Architectural Considerations for Designing with Hemp – Bob Escher – AIA, Anastasiya Konopitskaya – NCARB, Alex Sexsmith – AIA, & Kiko Thebaud

Hemp is Hope: Dion Markgraaff Panel – Bob Escher, Sergiy Kovalenkov, Joy Beckerman, and Eric McKee

Social Justice Track

History of Hemp and Racial Bias – Dr. Tiffany Bowden

Indigenous Perspective Panel – Marcus Gringnon, Elise Clote, Alicia Fall, Tommy Nahulu, & Earl Pendleton

Building Industry related Social Projects – Why is it important to focus on social issues as we build this industry? – Joel Holton, Dionne Dowdy (United Returning Citizens), Lori Daytner, & John Cato

Materials Innovation Track

Hemp Batteries – Clayton Turner (Santa Fe Farms)

In Depth Look at Lime – Todd File

Transitioning into the Hemp Industry – Karen Rugg, Ashley Bice, Jean Lotus, Attorney Scheril Murray Powell, & Kim Claxton