September 9-10, 2021

The USHBF invites you to learn about the hemp building industry in all its facets at the USHBF Hemp Build 2021. Your support is vital in our efforts. Together we can build a better future.


We want to thank our sponsors who are helping make this event possible and move the USHBF forward!
Your support for USHBF today marks the difference between probability and actuality in regards to establishing building code certification for hempcrete, creating a robust national workforce, and bolstering educational access. US Hemp Build 2021 places an emphasis on:

  • Hemp Building for Healthier Homes
  • Hemp Building to Fight Climate Change
  • Hemp Building Stronger Local Economies
  • Hemp Building for Social Change


USHBF is honored to bring this event to your house or office. By hosting a virtual event we are helping to lower the amount of carbon emissions. Every little step will make a big difference. From the comfort of your own chair you can network with many like-minded people. Not sure what to believe? Overwhelmed with online research on hemp building topics? The Q&A session at Hemp Build 2021 is your chance to find a legitimate answer from seasoned, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals. The USHBF is a 501 C-3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. We are happy to announce that USHBF gathering some of the brightest minds in hemp industry to discuss future, present and past. Submit your questions ahead of time to make sure you get the answer!


At Hemp Build 2021, we will be covering topics like:

  • Hemp as an emerging building/insulation material, and what is needed at the regional/community level for growth
  • Sustainable Building Concepts
  • Permitting Strategies
  • Carbon Impact Calculations of Hemp Materials
  • Batt Insulation
  • Spray Cast Hempcrete
  • Project Management Steps for
  • Hempcrete Construction

And this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Remembering Dion Markgraaff

We will be honoring our mutual friend Dion Markgraaff with a panel discussion on Codes and Fundraising and his impact on setting the vision for these efforts.

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How You Can Help

Help us to reach our goal. Help us in any amount you can. Every dollar counts because it gets us closer to our BIG Goal of raising $100,000 to get hempcrete in building codes, create a quality hurd supply chain in the US, teach tradespeople how to build with hemp, and educate everyone on the benefits.

We care about the future. We care about our children. We care about our planet.