Workforce Development

The USHBF understands that for this industry to grow we need to strengthen and grow the supply chain. This not only applies to the needed materials, but extends into the professionals who know how to properly build with hemp. 

The USHBF Workforce Development works to strengthen the supply chain in 3 different ways.

  1. We are working to create a knowledge workforce around the country. We are focusing efforts in underserved communities and trying to teach this skill to trades people. This gives them the opportunity to be an essential part of our working ecosystem and gives them the opportunity to start their own businesses in this nascent industry.
  2. While we are doing this, we are working with professionals in the hemp building industry to coordinate training, the supplying of materials, and connecting them with meaningful projects that could make a social impact. This supports our domestic industry while spreading the name of all participants.
  3. Finally our hope is that through this workforce development process we can gather the knowledge necessary to create educational material that we will use and share on the basics that every hempcrete professional should know. This will hopefully provide a base of knowledge that trainers around the country can build off of for their own programs. 

Funding for this program will be used to pay for the necessary coordination of the program and be used to partially cover training and materials cost for the projects. 

With your support we can build a strong domestic supply chain and work towards strong local hemp based building economies.