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The purpose of the USHBA is to support and advocate for hemp building professionals, hemp building projects and hemp building materials in the United States.


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Join the trailblazers, the innovators, the builders and the world changers as we form partnerships to create a robust new building industry in the USA. 

By joining the USHBA, you will be part of creating a unified and inclusive coalition of inspiring innovators within the hemp and construction industries to promote and support hemp as a readily accessible, environmentally sustainable and economically viable option to traditional building materials.

The USHBA will move hemp building into the forefront of the US construction industry through education, collaboration, networking and advocacy.  Hemp is the green building material the construction industry has been waiting for!
Hemp & Lime

Featured Projects

the wnder worKshop

Built by Eric McKee

Hemp Wood

Dimensional Wood From Hemp Fiber

Hemp Block

Construction by Hemp Blocks

You can make a difference

Ways To Get Involved


The best kept secret is the versatility of hemp. Gains will be made as we educate and inform.


Talent from every disipline will be needed as we build out this new industry.



Opportunities are abundant. Reach out to share and bring in fresh ideas and energy.



Entrenched mindsets won’t change easily. We must remain vigilant in our messaging.

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We know that you are out there. You’re on board with our mission and will step up when called upon. Well, the time has come. You can be part of the team by joining today! Find the right membership level for you and join us in our journey!