Build With Hemp

The purpose of the USHBA is to support and advocate for hemp building professionals, projects and materials in the United States. To facilitate the establishment, stabilization, and growth of a thriving American hemp building Industry.

About Us

Join the trailblazers, the innovators, the builders and the world changers as we form partnerships to create a robust new building industry in the USA. By joining the USHBA, you will be part of creating a unified and inclusive coalition of inspiring innovators within the hemp and construction industries to promote and support hemp as a readily accessible, environmentally sustainable and economically viable option to traditional building materials. The USHBA will move hemp building into the forefront of the US construction industry through education, collaboration, networking and advocacy.  Hemp is the green building material the construction industry has been waiting for!

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USHBA members represent the passion and energy behind this emerging industry. Committees focus on specific topics in the mission of the organization. Monthly meetings are held to discuss the efforts and progress of groups focusing on Codes & Certifications, Education, Supply Chain, Diversity & Inclusion, and Materials.

Regional teams have been established to coordinate local USHBA activities including representation at events and workshops. Join the revolution, become part of a better future.

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The USHBA is trying to create the resources needed to connect people together and give them the information they need to succeed. Certain resources are open to everyone and others are reserved for members. Current resources include a map of structures that have used hemp building products, and blog posts. Upcoming resources include a supply chain map, a members forum, a members directory, and a collection of research on hemp building materials.
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Featured Event: US Hemp Building Summit, Oct. 29-30th in Austin, TX


The Events calendar shows important hemp building industry activities including USHBA committee meetings, workshops, and expos.

Learn about the USHBF

US Hemp Building Foundation

The US Hemp Building Foundation is a sister organization of the USHBF. The USHBF is a 501 c 3 organization with goals including the establishments of hemp products in building codes, workforce development, and creating educational material to spread the word about the benefits of hemp building products to your health, the environment, and the performance of your home.

Industry Networking

Take part in regional and national conversations on the developing hemp building industry. Become a leader. Find your destiny.

Advancing Policy

In the Certifications committee, the focus is on leading the way in acceptance into codes and determining how to calculate the carbon footprint of hemp building products.

Educating the Public

Education is key to the progress of our industry. The Education committee is working hard to provide reliable information that can be disseminated far and wide.

Creating an Inclusive Industry

Creating an inclusive environment and trying to make diversity a priority are key goals of the USHBA. The Diversity & Inclusion committee was setup to help guid the organization as it grows.

Happening Now

The Solution and near Future: Hemp Batteries

With the constant advancement of technology there is an equally constant demand for energy within an ever changing world. Currently there are 1.2 billion vehicles on the road, with that figure looking to jump to 2 billion by 2035. As the need to reduce carbon...

USHBF Workforce Development Program

USHBF Workforce Development Program

Workforce Development The USHBF understands that for this industry to grow we need to strengthen and grow the supply chain. This not only applies to the needed materials, but extends into the professionals who know how to properly build with hemp.  The USHBF Workforce...

USHBF Fundraising for Codes Submission

USHBF Fundraising for Codes Submission

The USHBF is currently pushing for funding for our efforts to get acceptance of hempcrete in the building codes around the country.  The current plan has three main areas that need attention and funding. We are determining the test methods to measure hemp hurd. This...

USHBF Hemp Build 2021

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