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The US Hemp Building Foundation (USHBF) is a tax deductible 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The USHBF works with its sister organization the US Hemp Building Association (USHBA) in efforts to advance the hemp building industry. 


The USHBF raises funds and performs activities to forward the codes and certifications process, develop industry stakeholders, and create educational materials for the hemp building industry.



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Goal For 2021

About Our Foundation

Codes & Certifications

Obtaining acceptance in building codes for hempcrete and other hemp building materials is crucial for the growth of the hemp building industry

Workforce Development Program

Building the industry from the bottom to the top, the workforce development program is being set up to develop the supply chain, train the workforce and create the structures around the country that are necessary to support its future growth

Developing Educational Material

Ensuring that scientifically accurate and reviewed educational information is disseminated is crucial to gain trust in the industry from legislators, industry stakeholders, and the general public

Together We Have the Power to Change Our Future!

The USHBF needs your support to continue this important work.

For industry professionals and investors in hemp building companies, these efforts support the growth of your businesses by developing the market. Financially supporting the USHBF is a strategic investment in a partner that is able to use the collective momentum of the industry to make valuable impacts in market growth.

For believers in hemp building and lovers of the environment, investing in the USHBF is the most effective way to contribute to the overall progress and evolution of hemp building in the United States and the world.

The USHBF, along with the USHBA, are leading hemp building into the future and accelerating the timeline until it has significant maturity to earn a significant share of the building industry market.


Recent Updates

The Dion Markgraaff, Hemp is Hope Award

As we continue to evolve this organization, it is with great pleasure and joy that we call for Elections to fill specified positions on the Board of Directors, while simultaneously asking for nominations for an award that will be presented henceforth at the...

Hemp and Emergency Shelters

Currently in the United States, there are a quarter million people living shelter less. With these numbers expected to rise due to the increased frequency in climate related catastrophes that continue to displace thousands of Americans annually, a solution to this...

Carbon Footprint Assessment

The human race is facing one of the greatest dangers that life on our planet has encountered, climate change. Unlike many of the dangers that people may encounter, climate change is almost entirely brought on by industry and a reliance on the use of materials and...

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USHBF Hemp Build 2021

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Codes & Certifications

Acceptance of hemp products into building codes is critical for industry growth. We have developed a strategy to get hempcrete into building codes across the United States. With the necessary funding the tight deadline of submitting paperwork for the ICC submission is achievable. We have until Jan. 2022 to submit the initial paperwork.

After meeting that deadline, the work will need to continue to gain acceptance into the ICC and begin the process of pursuing acceptance in codes around the country. 

This work will change the narrative of the hemp building industry into one of manufacturers, processors, and builders that are ready to safely grow into reasonable alternatives for unhealthy and toxic products at a large scale.   


For a more in depth look on the strategy for codes & certifications, please review the USHBF Strategy for 2021.

White Paper

Read the white paper that help start the process, The US Hemp Building Association Embarks on the Path Towards “Hempcrete” Certification for Large Scale Use by Dion Markgraaff and the USHBA Education Committee

Workforce Development 

By empowering stakeholders at each level, we can set the foundation for the emerging hemp building industry. 

The USHBF Workforce Development Program will cooperate with other non-profit groups around the country to provide hempcrete training and work experience to members of underserved communities.  

Education Development

Education is crucial to spread the understanding of hemp building materials. The creation of clear understandable educational materials will help to ensure that accurate information and proven techniques will be widely known. 

Our Generous Donors

  • Hemp Ace International LLC
  • Kathleen Waddell
  • Stephanie Luciano
  • Dee van Eyck
  • Gate5
  • Midwest Hemp Council
  • Paul Perrault
  • Henry Valles
  • Tom Rossmassler
  • Randall Batts
  • Darrell Huddleston
  • Kim Collier
  • Jason Makuch
  • Global Hemp Group
  • Matthias Bank
  • Paul Harrington
  • Nathan Taylor
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Andrea Troutman 
  • Schmid Senatus
  • Jacob Waddell
  • Jean Lotus
  • Ryann Hinch
  • Darrell Huddleston
  • Karen Rugg
  • Anna Chanthavongseng
  • Albert Arline Jr
  • Dr. Thomas Waddell
  • Gayle Borst
  • Bruce Curtis
  • Kim DeLaney
  • Alexia Cato
  • Doretha Hider
  • Doris Pfalmer
  • Ladi Goldwire
  • Trevor Niebrzydoski
  • Lorna Lyons
  • Lilibet Clarke
  • Lori Daytner
  • Rachel Berry
  • Amy Farah Weiss
  • Miriam Cihal
  • Greg McDonald
  • Thomas Gibbons
  • Keren Gutierrez
  • Alex E Sexsmith
  • Kevin Bernard
  • Clarice Lappe
  • John Graczyk

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