February 2024 Special Elections

9 Candidates

2 Open Director At Large Positions

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Jose Iturraspe

Riverview FL



Born and Raised in FLORIDA
University of Florida Graduate with a BS in Building Construction.
Florida State Certified Residential Contractor, CRC1328631. LEED AP (with no Specialty) Certified.
6 Years as a production homes construction superintendent, both single and multi family.
6 years as a production homes warranty manager, conducting 100+ closings a year.
8 years as a production homes purchasing manager, with a team of 3.
Looking forward to progressing the whole industry on multiple fronts.
Why I would be a great board member.
To further my involvement in more sustainable building practices.


Lisa Sundberg

Trinidad, CA



President of the Indiginous Habitat Institute, transferring the technical side of French hempcrete knowledge to the U.S. and helping develop tribal hemp economies specializing in housing
Why I would be a great board member.
I would like to see indigenous interests represented at the table. Tribes can offer a lot to the industry. I would like to help fill in industry knowledge to get hempcrete construction underway at scale in the U.S.


Cody Ley

Jones MI



After finishing my undergraduate studies in Environmental Science and Biochemistry I started my first hemp farm in 2021. Since then I have been an active participant in the USHBA and travelled all around the country learning all I could about hempcrete building systems and the hemp supply chain. Over the past few years I have been participating in research variety trials with the Midwest Hemp Research Collaborative in order to find out what genetics and farming methods best serve hemp producers in the midwest to produce hemp at scale for hurd and fiber production.
In 2023 I left my job as a facility director at a cannabis extraction laboratory and began to pursue hemp building full time. I am now in the process of building our first hemp house and plan to use my experience to develop sustainable and accessible healthy communities here in Michigan. I am also researching how to incorporate hemp into some widely used and wasteful building materials.
Why I would be a great board member.
I am young entrepreneur trying to find innovative end use solutions for the construction industries that would stimulate the entire hemp supply chain. I believe that the USHBA serves as a vehicle to empower businesses like mine with pathways to full adoption of hemp building materials into mainstream construction.


Jason Heidenescher

Columbus OH


Green Real Estate Broker
Why I would be a great board member.
I can spread the word about USHBA in a very targeted network of green focused real estate professionals across the US. I also work in the fastest growing metro in the US. I’ve grown cannabis since 1997. My wife sold new homes in Columbus for 15 years, working for 4 of the largest builders in the area. We are currently scaling the supply chain in Ohio with our farmer partners. The plan is to build many in Ohio markets desperately in need of affordable, quality housing.


Douglas Allan

Pullman, MI


Carpenter by trade/ licensed Contractor. I have been working in the building industry for 30 years and feel that I can contribute a lot of help to the industry keep moving forward. 
Why I would be a great board member.
My goal is to


Ingrid Fay

Chicago, IL


I’m Ingrid Fay, a Chicago native with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design (2007). In 2023, I got to work on a reciprocating dodecagon made with handmade Hempcrete blocks, historic lime plaster, an adobe floor with a wood tongue & grove ceiling.
Jumping all in, I found myself living on a jobsite with 5-7 men, using an actual outhouse, showering in the woods, meeting my first scorpions & discovering the disrespectful June & July heat of the Texas Hill Country. This changed my life’s trajectory dramatically.  
Why I would be a great board member.
I’ll be a good fit for the role because I’m a natural networker & enjoy connecting people with other people who are on the same mission of taking action toward building a better place for us all. Mother Earth included. I’m seeking collaboration with fellow hemp enthusiasts who see the endless potential for hemp to heal the planet.
I’m specifically focused on the built environment & interiors using hemp in all ways beneficial. It’s through collaboration & community that we’ll discover the ways to heal our built environment. I believe that Hempcrete is a part of the cure.


Duane Shugars

Hazleton, PA



Spent 35 years growing companies in the DoD and Intelligence Community and a year ago i was exposed to industrial hemp and saw a massive opportunity to use my background along with working with industry leaders to promote the use of industrial hemp in the US. In that year I have invested my own money and have worked closely with farmers, processors and manufacturers to begin to help open up larger opportunities. We development and donated an online marketplace for the industry called metaihemp which can help answers the questions around supply and demand and connect farmers, processors and manufactures based on specification. I have also worked on both sides of the isle on capitol hill trying to educate and get the word out.

Why I would be a great board member.
Like to help where I can, and this organization is at the tip of the spear.


Ray DePriest




Why I would be a great board member.
To get things done


Katherine Desmond

Corinth, VT


30+ years in commercial and residential real estate development and investment. Agricultural & Horticultural Consultant in traditional farming, greenhouse growing practices, landscape design, Site Engineering & Hardscaping. As a hemp, agriculture and business consultant, I have participated in the research of growing, processing, manufacturing and marketing of both Grain/Fiber Hemp and CBD Hemp products. I am an owner and previous CEO of Vermont Hemp Company, a hemp agriculture and marketing consulting company, and a shareholder of the country’s leading hemp foods company, Victory Hemp, who’s proprietary patented hemp food products will change the quickly growing plant-based food space. I’ve watched and waited while hemp laws and regulations have formed & reformed, through our initial academic research crops to the legalization and boom of the CBD Goldrush that followed, waiting for the states and USDA’s stance on all thing hemp to stabilize and the rest of the country to catch up to my enthusiasm and outlook on the future of hemp in US agriculture and industry. I believe we are at the tipping point where the USDA undoubtably has hemp on its radar now as an undeniably versatile and sustainable agricultural product and is beginning to work with hemp, agriculture and business groups to find ways to support the many possible markets hemp can bring to enrich the US economy, and agriculture, and address climate change as a carbon negative crop. In my hemp research I took a hard look at what would be necessary to create a supply chain and infrastructure model for this crop and its myriad of products where it could compete on a global level and be grown as an agricultural commodity, and realized the only time tested and successful models were in Europe and Asia, with Canada making huge strides in the past decade, and knew the US would have to learn from and mirror those models to get a hemp industry up and running. My goal with SUSAGRO is to provide the incubation and acceleration, guidance, support and funding of hemp and sustainable agriculture start ups that are ready to scale to market.

Why I would be a great board member.
I 100% support hemp as a building material and want to work to support this part of the industry.

Greetings Members and Friends of the USHBA!

Thank you for your interest in the US Hemp Building Association Board of Directors Special Election.

The election will begin Friday Feb. 23, 2024 and end Friday Feb. 29.

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*  Each member is allowed two votes, one vote for each open Director at Large position.
*  No member may vote for the same candidate twice.
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The election results will be announced as soon as possible after the election ends  (Feb. 29). The elected positions will become effective at the first board meeting following the election (March 13, 2024)

We look forward to and appreciate your participation!