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The United States Hemp Building Association is dedicated to providing educational resources so that anyone can learn about hempcrete and hemp building materials. 

While we do offer exclusive content to our members, we’d still like to share some of our favorite educational resources from around the web.

We provide a variety of formats to support all learning styles.

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Education Articles


What is Hempcrete?

The Modern Day Uses of Hempcrete

Advantages of Building with Hempcrete

Hempcrete Uses & Applications

Hempcrete Figures

Hempcrete Vs Other Materials

A Spray Applied Hempcrete Building




News Articles

U.S. Hemp-Based Construction Advances with Fire-Safety Tests

Construction Causes Major Pollution. Here’s How We Can Build Better.


Essential Hempcrete Construction

Examining the Feasibility of Building with Hemp and Lime





Taking Root – An excellent discussion of the current hemp processing from one of the top experts and innovator, USHBA corporate member Hemp Ventures, John Lupien, Chief Innovations Officer speaks about the history and future of hemp fiber markets and the critical processing situation.

The History of Hemp – An entire season of podcasts focused on hemp, including specific coverage on hempcrete / hemp-lime. The season looks into the history of American agriculture, the 2018 Farm Bill, and hemp’s potential to right some of the social and environmental wrongs of the country’s past.

Hempcrete Certification – Tai Olson of U.S. Heritage Group and Dion Markgraaff of Hemp Technologies and the USHBA discuss the steps that are being made to get hemp-lime construction standards written under ASTM guidelines and approved by the International Code Council to make it easier for hemp-lime to be permitted anywhere in the U.S.

Henry Valles of USHBA & Realty Austin – Henry shares with us his journey about building with hemp and helping to found the US Hemp Building Association.

Bob & Alex Escher of Escher Design & Hemp Hollow – Bob Escher, president of USHBA, discusses his desire to bring hemp building materials mainstream.

Mattie Mead of Hempitecture – Mattie discusses American hempcrete culture along with some of the exciting hempcrete projects he’s been involved with over the last 5 years.




“In The Weeds” – Grain as a bi-product for building – Hosted by Dawn Schulz, Executive Director of the US Hemp Building Association and David Newsom from Palmetto Harmony with guests, Roger Gussiaas with Healthy Oilseeds and Chad York with Ag Processing Solutions.

“In The Weeds” – Hemp Fibers for Industrial Uses/ Construction/ Cars – With special guests Bruce Michael Dietzen & Serigy Kovalenkov

“In The Weeds” – USHBA status working on ASTM/ICC certifications/codes –  With guests Ladi March-Goldwire: USHBA Founding Board Member, Chair of Permitting Committee; Scheril Murray Powell, Esq.:USHBA Founding Board Member, Director of Government Relations Development; Chair of Government Relations, Dawn Schulz: USHBA Executive Director



Introduction To Natural Hempcrete Construction Methods

Application of Hempcrete in a Post and Beam Construction

Mixing Hempcrete in Drum Mixer

Bruce Michael Dietzen with Renew Sports Car

“Hemp Already” Highlight Reel