The USHBA Board is announcing a call for candidates for a special board election for two new at-large members of the USHBA Board of Directors. The goal of expanding the board to nine members is to stagger board terms to “enhance institutional memory and ensure a smooth transition between boards,” the board said. The volunteer board will be composed of nine members, including five at-large members and four executive members: President, vice president, treasurer and secretary. Existing board members are in the middle of two-year terms which end December, 2024.

Important Dates:

  • Jan. 17. 2024 – Call for Candidates
  • Feb. 15. 2024 – Deadline for Candidates to Apply
  • Feb. 17. 2024 – Candidates Announced
  • Feb. 21. 2024- Feb. 28 Online voting
  • Mar. 13. 2024 – Candidates sworn in at Board Meeting

The seven members of the current USHBA board were all elected in December of 2022, and the first year presented challenges with because board members were new.

“After a year, the current board pretty much has our procedures and processes together, but right after we were elected we had to schedule extra work meetings and get acclimated,” said Jean Lotus, board secretary.

Would you like to run for the board?

Interested candidates may apply online (Deadline Feb. 15) at this link:

Questions? Email Secretary Jean Lotus at