To our Members and Friends of the US Hemp Building Association:

When the original founders created the USHBA, we had a list of goals, many of which were tangible targets like education, certifications and creating infrastructure.

But there was one goal that was universal. That goal is the respect for human rights regardless of race, age, sex, disabilities, ethnicity, religion or economic status.

As we now enter our second year of existence, the USHBA Board of Directors has passed the following motions to foster diversity within our membership.

  1. To create a committee to facilitate the delivery of racial awareness/bias sensitivity training to our entire membership. With this action, we denounce racism as an organization.
  2. To create a scholarship program for fifty people of color to receive free membership to the organization annually.  No less than ten of these scholarships will go to degree-seeking or vocational certification students to ensure that over time we maintain our commitment to diversity.

So why will these simple statements make a difference?

It’s because they will create an environment within the USHBA that will be the heart of our membership for generations to come.

It’s because the hemp plant has diversity and acceptance written into its DNA by the obvious fact that it gives so much to so many.


Bob Escher AIA

President of the USHBA