Hemp Batt Insulation

September 10th, 3:30pm PT

Tommy Gibbons
Tommy is the Chief Operations Officer at Hempitecture. Hempitecture, is a public benefit corporation based in Ketchum, ID that makes beautiful, healthy homes part of our carbon reduction strategy.
Our secret ingredient is industrial hemp, a versatile carbon sequestering plant that can be turned into high-performing building products. HempWool® is one of the few building material choices that can significantly reduce a building’s embodied carbon and Hempitecture has serviced 250 building projects in the United States with our insulation. Later this year I will be moving to Knoxville, TN to work with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to research and commercialize Hempitecture’s product roadmap of hemp-based building materials. Hempitecture is currently fundraising through equity crowdfunding on Wefunder to build the first hemp insulation production facility in the United States. You can invest directly in Hempitecture’s decarbonized building products vision through Wefunder.
After graduating from Princeton and starting my career in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, I transitioned into working with mission-based startups. I joined Hempitecture to work with a high school classmate and friend, Mattie Mead. We started living together in a hempcrete tiny home in Bellingham, Washington while we built the largest hempcrete house in the United States at the time. Mattie has in-depth trade knowledge and experience working on job sites and I have experience in growing early stage companies. Together, we are building a company that we believe will supply the building materials for the next generations of Americans. Come find us on social media to follow our journey!
Certification as a LEED Green Associate, a Department of Energy IMPEL+ innovator, Innovation Crossroads Innovation Fellow, and Certification from France’s l’École Nationale du Chanvre.