The USHBF is currently pushing for funding for our efforts to get acceptance of hempcrete in the building codes around the country. 

The current plan has three main areas that need attention and funding.

  1. We are determining the test methods to measure hemp hurd. This will allow for us to clearly state the details of the hurd for specifying the material used on a build site or a manufacturing facility. This information is valuable for supply chain development and to properly define your material for testing. Funding is needed to validate that the test methods we are proposing properly assess the hurd.
  2. We are creating the definition of hempcrete in a sample and in the final product. This is made up of the specifications of the hemp hurd used, the specifics of the binder used, the water used and if any additives were used, and what installation method was used (spray cast, pre-cast, or cast-in-place). Funds are needed here to validate the sample preparation practices.
  3. The third area that needs immediate attention is the drafting of the submission to the ICC. The submission is due Jan. 10, 2022. That is about 4 months away and there is a lot of work to get done. In order to get a better understanding of how to accomplish this, we need funding to hire a consultant.  

With your help we can accomplish these goals and drive hempcrete and the entire hemp building industry forward. Please donate what you can to help us achieve this monumental feat.